I realise that we are basically half a month into 2016 but I still wanted to talk to you guys about my Top 3 Authors of 2015!

  1. Stephanie Perkins stephanie perkins

If I had to choose my top author of 2015 it would definitely be the author of the Anna and the French kiss trilogy! I developed a real love for this trilogy, it may be one of my favourite trilogies out there so far,  behind The hunger games of course 😉




2. Kiera Cass kiera cass

I managed to read the whole of the selection series within a week as I loved and enjoyed them so much! This Is the favourite series I have read within 2015 so had to mention the author! I still need to get the novellas book and cant wait to get my hands on the 5th book, the crown!



3. Cassandra Clarecassandra clare

I am a new member of the Mortal Instruments fandom. I started reading this series just before Christmas and am already hooked, I put that down the author writing. My current read is City of Glass which is book 3 so its fair to say I’m loving it and don’t want it to end!



Make sure you write a comment to state your Top 3 favourite Authors of 2015!

Chloe x