Welcome to another post, its one of my first reviews on here so lets face it its going to be pretty crappy, well its kind of going to be a discussion of my thoughts on the first two episodes of ShadowHunters TV. I’m in the UK so was unable to watch in on TV but on Netflix that my friend has leant to me for this specific show, which is very shadowhunterskind of her!

Within the last few months of 2015 I dove into the world of Shadowhunters, demons, vampires etc through the Cassandra Clare books that the show is based on. (which you all probably knew but still) so I was very eager to watch the show adaptation as, despite being far from the book, I loved the film that was produced called The Mortal Instruments that is adapted from City of Bones book, but has been discontinued.

What people hated and my opinions on them!

  • The gold dust that represents a demon dying – I felt it gave the obvious effect that a demon has been destroyed and have no reason to dislike it.
  • Clary’s hair – Okay so I have some beef with this one because, yes she is meant to be Red-haired but still the colour looks like a fake ginger even if the actors hair had to be dyed… I think auburn would look better.
  • The Runes and The Circle runes – I felt that the circle runes were put in for those who haven’t read the books, so its easier for them to decipher who is part of the circle etc, but really that was not a great addition to the show. I know I shouldn’t compare to the film but still the black runes look better than the light brown ones in the TV show.
  • The institute – I feel the addition of many people to the institute has made it more exciting as it makes us feel a part of this huge secret world, however I prefer the description of it being old in the book.
  • The lines and Acting – The best actor is definitely from the person that plays Simon as you really feel the connection between him clary, however I get that some lines have to be put in but still YOU HAVE THE SIGHT was kinda cheesy and could’ve been said in a better way.
  • The flashbacks – I was expecting to see a fairy by the pond, like in the book, no jokes it kinda made me jump and felt it ruined that scene, almost to the point where it shouldn’t have been included.

I realise now that i’ve written this post, my opinions of the show sound more negative than I intended. I thoroughly enjoyed the two episode, I can deal with the lines as some of them were funny and I guess they’re just trying to character build, they don’t deserve the bad reviews the actors are getting as it isn’t there fault. Us book lovers may need to broaden our minds and accept that book adaptations will never fully capture the whole of the book!

Excuse the length of this but please comment opinions of the show below, of these pointers or other ones, ask me any questions and please leave feedback on how my reviewing skills are! 🙂

Thank you for reading, Chloe x