I thought that for today’s post I could do a quick Q & A session. I recently asked my followers on Bookstagram to ask me some bookish related questions and I’m going to answer them on here and there in my next post!

Q: You like The Hunger Games, real or not real? – Real

Q: What inspired me to create my bookstagram account? – My friend’s sister owned an instagram account where she posted bookish pictures, I then followed some of the people she followed and had for about half a year intended to make one but never had the courage as I felt like I didn’t have enough books. Then that friend of mine made one and I asked her if I should, and she said yes we could join it together and that’s how it all started!

Q: What is your favourite book ever and why? – I love YA books in general so I feel like I could choose any but they’d all be for the same reason so I feel like the book that I will forever love is To Kill a Mockingbird as even though I read if for school I think its just crafted perfectly and it can be interpreted in several different ways which make it unique.

Q: Do you write yourself? – I have always enjoyed writing and I bet I could find some really cheesy short stories on my laptop but I want to properly write one day but its just not a great time as I’m at school and it rules my life atm aha!

Q: What are your 3 favourite genre’s and your top book in each?/of books do you read? – Dystopian (The Hunger games), Fantasy (City of bones) and Contemporary (Anna and the french kiss).

Q: If you could take the place of any character in any book, who would it be? – I would want to replace Emily from Since You’ve been gone!

Q: Best Bookish Experience Ever? – I think the best experience was when I went to a signing for the ABA awards with my book club as Sally Green Signed my Half Bad and Half Wild books and it was generally cool to do that with my friends who are as passionate about reading as me. However I really want to meet my internet friends at YALC in London but am unable to go this year so in 2017 it has to be a thing!!

Q: What was the book (s) that got you into reading? – The Twilight Series then The Hunger games

Q: If you could pick only 3 books to read for the rest of your life, which books and why? – This is a hard question as I still have many books to read (like the Hp Series, don’t hate!) but from what ive read, To kill a Mockingbird, THG and Anna and the French kiss

Q: Favourite male character? – PEETA

Q: Book quote that stuck with you?/ If you had to put a book quote on youre tombstone what would it be? – not really a book quote but a quote about books… “So many books, so little time”

Q: Favourite authors and why? – John Green, Stephanie Perkins, Cassandra Clare and kiera cass as they write amazing books!!!

Hope you guys liked that! Have a nice weekend/ week! 🙂

Comment some answers any of these questions if you like!

Chloe xx