Its been over 3 weeks since I watched the book to movie adaptation for The 5th Wave book, you must be living under a rock if you didn’t know about this movie release, so I thought I better do a review since i’ve been meaning to do one since I watched it aha!

I read the book early last year and freaking loved it and the dystopian world it was set in, at first I was a bit meh about the idea of aliens but my friend had read it and said that you hardly even notice, and yes I didn’t either which helped me engage with the book more.

5th wave movieThe movie followed the book to a great extent,  most people agreed the same, this means I personally rank it higher than the divergent franchise book to movie adaptation, as we all know that that went down hill. Additionally, this meant all of us fangirls/fanboys/booknerd’s related to it more!

The casting of the characters resembled how everyone pictured them and the actors played them perfectly! The emotions that Cassie portrayed didn’t seem put-on and you felt really engrossed in the film and felt almost what she felt.


I personally, cant fault this film, hence this short review and why I would rate the movie 5/5 stars! If you want to pop your opinions in the comments I would be very grateful, negative or positive is welcome!

I NEED an Infinite Sea movie and I cant wait for the third book to be released – check out the blog post on my Top 2016 anticipated releases if you have not done so!

(Its half term so I may write another blog post in the next few days!)

Chloe x