A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to receive my first book for review, from an up and coming author, Arnulfo Cantarero! I finished this book yesterday so I thought I would do an honest review of what I thought and what I rate it! (may have spoilers)

Title: Emotions by Arnulemotionsfo Cantarero

Genre: Science Fiction (317 pages)

Release Date: May 15, 2013

Overall Rating: 3.5 stars

Synopsis (goodreads):

Jason Ariaz is not your average 22 year old. He has been genetically and cybernatically enhanced but that’s only the beginning. He is an emotionless extraterrestrial born to human parents and living amongst us. Both him and his implanted thinking computer were damaged on landing and must go through life as less than what they really are. The purpose of their mission: to gain permanent emotions from the more primitive society that is Earth. If he is successful, he will be the first of his species to do so in nearly 200,000 years.

Hope lies in the fact that he is capable of emotional episodes and he has been able to forge true friendships. However, he does have the chance of completing his mission if he can truly care for Ariel, the closest human in his life. But he better know his heart soon. Their lives are in danger of ending tonight, unless he can recover what his species has lost.


Firstly I would like to point out that the book looks amazing, the cover is a great design for this book, so I was eager to receive this, along with the description of course! The concept of Jason being an extra-terrestrial being made the book different to most books and made the Point Of View special. I thought it would be hard to get into, knowing about Jason’s situation, his being make-up and historic background but it turns out the first couple of pages gave me a-lot of information to take in which was a good and bad thing but as the story went on the background information was subtly weaved into the story!

I enjoyed the general story-line with the aspect of learning about different events throughout Jason’s life until the age of graduation as it showed Jason’s progress since he was first placed on earth without emotions to how he gains them gradually and then permanently. However I felt, due to the lax of writing in this time frame, the present tense feature should have not been included as it would switch time frames after a page which wasn’t worth it.

I felt Jason, the main character, along with other characters brought a lot to the book and it was important that these were portrayed correctly otherwise the book wouldn’t read well. Luckily, I felt the Author wrote the characterisation to a good level and I ended up liking and hating those who you were intended to like/hate.

Jason, as an extra-terrestrial being, has special powers, these are unlike most super-powers written about in books or featured in movies which made the book interesting and I felt it fitted the character well along with story, yet at the end of the book he suddenly gains powers to leap through a portal which I felt did not fit with the story. I generally felt the ending was rushed but still I enjoyed it as the plot twist was unexpected!

This book is unlike any book I would normally pick up so it was refreshing to read a SIFI for once. However as I was part-way through the book, I got told that the copies sent out included a lot of grammar/spelling mistakes which I at first did not notice, but soon did. I wouldn’t say this swayed my opinion of the book as it is currently being reedited but at points sentences didn’t make sense especially when speech occurred and it was hard to decipher who was saying what.

Overall, I give this book 3.5 stars as I did thoroughly enjoyed most aspects of it! Yet a few pointers which I have mentioned, made it hard for me to come to terms with some of the story’s ideals. I would recommend this book, once it’s been fully edited, for a lot of people to read!

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Chloe x