So, if you read my blog post on the books I anticipated to read for 2016 you would know that I was looking forward to the third and final release from the Half Bad trilogy, Half Lost. I am so thankful to say I received this book to review before it has even been released so as always I will do an honest review but there will definitely be no spoilers!

IMG_1985.JPGBook: Half Lost by Sally Green (335 pages)

Release Date: 29th March 2016

Rating: 4.5 stars

Synopsis (goodreads): Nathan Byrn is running again. The Alliance of Free Witches has been all but destroyed. Scattered and demoralized, constantly pursued by the Council’s Hunters, only a bold new strategy can save the rebels from total defeat. They need the missing half of Gabriel’s amulet—an ancient artifact with the power to render its bearer invincible in battle.

But the amulet’s guardian—the reclusive and awesomely powerful witch Ledger – has her own agenda. To win her trust, Nathan must travel to America and persuade her to give him the amulet. Combined with the Gifts he has inherited from Marcus, the amulet might just be enough to turn the tide for the Alliance and end the bloody civil war between Black and White witches once and for all…


As it had been a year since I had read Half Wild I went onto youtube and watched a couple of spoiler videos on the first and second book. This helped me get back into the storyline and remember previous events that had taken place that were vital for me to understand this book. It took a few pages to be engrossed again but once you are back into the swing of things you fly through the book wanting more even when the storyline makes you want less. 😉

Sally Green has a personalised writing style and that’s what I love about the way this book and trilogy are written. The writing allows you have a personal connection to Nathan who you follow through his  journey of being a Half Code in a society where it is segregated between White and Black witches; between good and bad magic. To watch Nathan grow, his attitude and the path in which he takes. At first you learn what gifts Nathan had inherited from his father (as he ate his fathers heart in Half Wild), how he discovers them and how he learns to use them for his benefit which is an aspect I found interesting.

If you have read Half Bad and Half Wild you will know how much ciaos Nathan has caused and i’m pleased to say it doesn’t end there!  This book is face paced and is the final instalment which means Nathan’s ideals are to stop the council once and for all and live in peace and be one with nature. The book is mainly based in woods and camps where the alliance members are situated but you’re also transported to places that are key in the success of the overthrowing of Character such as Soul, Jessica and Wallend.

This book made me feel a mix of emotions throughout which shows how included I felt within the storyline. Not gonna lie, Nathan is a bit of an arse at the beginning but I put that down to him wanting revenge but along with this rage against him you feel sorry for him and those around him that are effected by this attitude change where he kills and swears a lot! The middle of the book allowed you to be happy for Nathan and his friendship will Gabriel, but the ending did kill me and it will kill you. The ending was done in a subtle and subdued way that finalised the trilogy in a way that was almost needed but not necessarily wanted.

Lastly, what all you followers of the trilogy want to know is who Nathan ends up with: Annalise or Gabriel. I will let you figure that one out.. considering Annalise killed Nathan’s father and all.

I hope you like this review, I feel like ive held back a bit with the detail ive gone into when it comes down to it as it is an ARC and I don’t want to spoil it.

I highly recommend, if you loved Half Bad and Half Wild, that you pick this book up as soon as its released and for those who haven’t read the first two books you definitely should now that the third one is to be released soon so you can read them one after the other and enjoy the story as much as I did 🙂

Chloe x