When I first started this blog a few months ago I was really into the idea of doing blog posts on craft ideas to do with reading and I know this goes against every book worms wishes, folding pages of a book, but I honestly think this origami hedgehog is worth it!!

hedgehog 1What you will need:

1) A book (preferably old) that is around 180 pages, I used a book with 190 pages and it was the perfect size any more it starts to get harder to fold.

2) 2 buttons for eyes and 1 ;larger button for the nose

3) Doubled-sided sticky tape or strong glue to hold buttons on

4)(optional) Scissors and strong card



1) Open the book onto the first page.hedgehog 22) Fold the Top right corner so that it is pulled across to the spine of the book, crease the edge so that it is sharp by using your finger.

hedgehog 3

3) Fold the straight edge across so that it meets the spine, flatten this edge too.

hedgehog 4

4) Repeat steps 2 and 3 for every page in the book (hence why a shorter book is easier to use, larger books tend to carry on round past 180 degrees)

5) Stick on the buttons for eyes and nose. (The button I used for the nose fell off as it over-hanged)

6) (optional) cut the cover of the book so that the they are the same shape as the folded page and are then concealed under the hedgehog and under-lay strong card.

I hoped you liked this quick post to give a break from the two previous posts which have been reviews! Please comment what you think of this and whether you will be giving it a go! 🙂

Fun Fact: It is my birthday tomorrow yay!

Chloe x