Hello everyone, I’m really quite bad at keeping to my schedule of posting on Saturdays now that I’ve got so much revision to do (which is what I’m meant to be doing now) but I’ve decided that since I’ve got my phone with me at school and stuff So in the future I may start doing more posts via this method as it takes a while to load up my laptop!


Today im going to talk about what to do and what not to do on books tartan. For those of you that aren’t aware what bookstagramis, it’s basically an Instagram community that share the love of books and post pictures of them, I promise it’s not weird. It’s a way for people to be creative and that’s why I love it πŸ’•


  1. To take good photos, the key is to have good natural lighting, lamps can be effective sometime but it mainly makes the pictures grainy so your best bet is to take pictures when the sun is around not when it’s dull or when the the sun is setting as it will produce uneven lighting β˜€οΈ
  2. Think creatively about your pictures and try not to take other people’s styles, you want to be a unique bookstagrammer πŸ’•
  3. Make sure the brightness of the picture is to a good level and isn’t too over powering but if you use natural lighting this shouldn’t need to be adjusted
  4. Be yourself and you will make friends in no time 😘


  1. A filter is used by most people, including me, and a filter is great but it needs to be effective not overpowering. I use filters on VSCO cam as you can’t go wrong with them but if your pictures as of good quality and you decide you prefer a filter less picture then go ahead!
  2. Make sure you don’t stress over posting a bad quality picture for the sake of posting as it is your account at the end of the day and it should be able to post what you want and when you want/are able to 😘
  3. Make sure you are nice to people and bite your tongue if you do have something that may be taken the wrong way as otherwise you will warn people off and it’s meant to be a friendly community !
  4. Dont go out and buy loads of books for the sake of your pictures and trying to fit in, as personally I had no books when I first started and then I slowly and gradually built up my collection as I wanted to own them and treasure themπŸ“–
  5. Dont go and buy an expensive camera as iPhone cameras or tablets are good quality anyways πŸ“Έ

My my bookstagram is @chloe.reads, comment yours below πŸ’•

Chloe x