I recently finished Throne of Glass by Sarah J Mass and I have mixed opinions about it so I thought I would share with you my thoughts 💕image

My rating: 3 stars

pages: 500 +

Release Date: 2012

I was intereated in starting this series due to all the amazing reviews that are floating around but the only reason I actually started reading Throne Of Glass was because my friend gave me the book for my birthday and told me to read it straight away so I read. And read. And read.

This book took me over 2 weeks to read. It wasn’t the writing, it was well written, it was the first half that seemed to be a pointless introduction into the world and the characters. It felt like I was reading The Selection series by Kiera Cass and that surprised me as even though that series is one of my favourite I was expecting more assassin scenes and fights not random paragraphs about fencing.

The character, like America in the selection, was a little hard to like but then as you progress on the storyline does get more intense and dystopian that it starts to grip you and suck you in until all you want to know is, no, not who won and became the Kings assassin, but who  the protagonist ends up with. But obviously that isn’t revealed in the first book, which I discovered.

The people that have read whole series say that the second book is the best, but I want a book that grips me from the begging not 250 odd pages in and even then it isn’t particularly fast paced.

Im just not sure yet, it was an easy read which is good and I will definitely carry on with the series and the descriptions were good but now I’m hoping for more assassin confrontations in the next book 😊

Chloe x