Hello! In this post I’m going to share with you a few tips I have learnt when receiving books from authors or publishers to review!

If you didn’t know, I own a bookstagram called @chloe.reads and I post my reviews etc on there as well as on here. For two of the books in the stack in the picture (the bottom two) I got contacted by the authors themselves via DM. If you are eager to review books then make sure you have a welcoming environment such as a blog or Instagram where you share your reviews so that authors know you may be willing to review their book aswell.

I recommend you create an email, I just use my personal email, this way if authors want to discuss a potential book review with you, it is done formally. With this email I have included it in my about me page on my blog and aim to put it in the bio on my Instagram page, this way authors can easily contact you!

Contacting an author or publisher: If you really wish to review and read a book for an author you can always contact them as they really are kind, giving people and would love to share their novel with readers! However if you are just interested in receiving a free book and aren’t interested in reviewing the book posted to you then I do not recommend asking publishers or authors as they may not be so willing in the future πŸ˜€

Ways to contact authors is maybe finding their email address/contact details on a website if they have one or via Twitter or Instagram. When contacting them, make sure you sound polite and share your blog or social media URL so they can check out your blog or Instagram page as this way they know they are choosing the right person to promote their book!

If you wish to review books you need to be compfortable sharing your posting address, this may include asking your parents for their consent or you may want to look into creating a po box where you could collect the goodies!

Authors may ask you to review a book on an e-reader format, if you don’t have this platform, state this so that they know to send you a physical copy instead.

Lastly, If you have been asked to review a book and may not be able to review it straight away, make sure you let the author or publisher know so that it doesn’t seem like you haven’t bothered to read the book once it has been sent to you πŸ˜‚

Hope this post was helpful πŸ’• Comment below any tips you have for this topic too!

Chloe x