I received this book in order to write an honest review.

imageRating: 4.5 stars

Author: Rachel Higginson

Published: 2015

First of all, I would like to thank Rachel for sending me this wonderful book to read for review, it’s not something I would usually pick up as it more adult than young adult as it follows a broken marriage of a couple. Despite this, I thoroughly enjoyed delving back into it every time I went to read it. I wanted the ending, I needed to know what happened in the end as I grew close to the character and felt like I was part of the wounded relationship portrayed in the novel.

Secondly, this book is freaking gorgeous, the pastel blue and the neon pink writing go perfectly together! This novel is from America and I adore the flimsy paperback style which makes compact such a great story!

This book is written in first person and at time I didn’t like this aspect as the narrator was a little selfish but that made it easier to understand why the relationship may have not worked out and why she filed for a divorce but then it also allows the reader to watch the narrator grow into a better person and develop her personality traits into something more.

I enjoyed the endless list of the reason why she should go through with the divorce, assigned to each chapter which made the story have a purpose to tell, as well as this it then helps you, as the reader, decide what you want to see from the story and therefore love it when Kate fights for love and therefore discover the right reasons for the marriage to work. I did however guess how the story would end but I was still eager to get there and devour the book!

Kates fellow work mate, Kara, is someone you immediately connect with as she seems easy going and supportive but as well as this she helps her friend throughout the divorce but as well as this she is secretly wooing for her friend to be happy and realise that this is with Nick. I do however wish Eli: another colleague, who crushes on Kate, gets together with Kara but that didn’t happen so I’m a little disapointed with that but am still pleased with the overall ending of the book.

This book is written by a NYT bestselling author and from reading this book, I understand why Rachel Higginson was awarded that status. I enjoyed how the writing flowed and how every sentenced was filled with descriptive language. As well as this, the almost bi polarish nature of the main character, Kate, showed what love does to you and how if you love someone you will be almost anyone and do almost anything to get them back and not lose them.

Hope you all look into reading this novel, I highly recommend it!

Chloe x