For the month of June I was meant to read The Unexpected everything by Morgan Matson for the Book of the month with my bookclub @thebookishowls on Instagram! However I only started it the last few days of the month and therefore finished it within the first week of July!


Rating: 4.5/5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Published: 3rd May 2016

Pages: 517

This book is a feel good summer contemporary and I highly recommend you read it! I wouldn’t say it was as good as Morgan’s other book: since you’ve been gone that I legit rave about in every post (sorry not sorry!) but it is close to that level of amazingness!

This book follows Andie and how all her plans for the summer go to poop (dog poop 😂) due to her fathers work scandal. Because of this we learn more about her friends: Palmer and her bf Tom as well as Toby and Bri. The 4 friends have been inseperable throughout most of their life and so when Andies plan’s fall through and she doesn’t end up going away to volunteer at a camp the girls can have a summer for once where they’re all together!

Andie looks for a job for the summer and ends up with a dog walking job, a job that she never thought she would grow to enjoy. Mainly due to a specific dog sitter called Clark.

Clark is this mysterious boy who is from a different state and is just staying in his publishers house to sit the dog and write a BOOK! It turns out that Clark is a fantasy novelist and Tom is a fanboy aha👏

Scenes like the orchard in since you’ve been gone reappear in the unexpected everything which is shows what kind of summer it will be. Palmers famous scavenger hunt takes place and I think that’s my favourite part of the book as it was super fast paced and seemed super fun!

Toby has this crush all summer on this guy called wyatt but towards the end of the summer she confessed her feelings and although you feel sad for her you’re secretly shipping someone else which is smittingly going on behind the scenes but is found out and kept a secret until it finally breaks up the group at the end of the summer.

During all of this Andie finally forms a solid relationship with her father whilst they’re both around for the summer and they in ally confess their feelings about Andies mum who died 5 years prior and how Andie wants to bring her back into their lives.

When Andie and Clark finally address the idea that Clark will be going home for the summer and Andie is still the person who ruined the group vibes, she doesn’t fight for him to stay and they end it. Andie is all alone. However a few weeks later as things like her dads job are starting back up and how she finally received her mums old car with a message from her. She decides that love is worth fighting for and tricks her friends into making up and going along with her across the country to Clarks Signing where she confesses her love for him in front of fanboy Tom (who was already there aha!) and many others just as they had discussed in a book Andie and Clark would write on their dog walking travels.

There is heartbreak, love, friendship, summer flings, fun… The list is endless. If I haven’t sold it to you now, in probably the longest book review I’ve ever written aha then you will be missing out my friends!

Have you read this book? What are your thoughts 💕

Chloe x