As soon as this book was released I knew I wanted to read it! Mainly because it was so popular and had a cute cover if I’m honest! But when I found out it was a murder mystery styled book I knew Instantly that I would enjoy it πŸ‘πŸ»


Rating: 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This book follows several POV along a few years so that you’re able to get an insight into their lives before it all got a bit complicated and intertwined with each other’s! This trio POV aspect made the writing even more gripping with short effective use of chapters to convey little parts of the storyline and therefore allows room for creative thinking into eventually the killer aspect of the book!

There is Rachel who is the narrator of the majority of chapters who is a alcholic who is now divorced from Tom for 2 years. Tom now has a new wife and child, the wife who before was his love affair partner when he was still with Rachel.

Rachel often wakes up with no knowledge of the night befores actions and her only day to day control is taking a train that she used to take to work in the morning and home again in the evening even if she has been fired. she takes this train journey to look at the houses by the track and creates a life for those living in them but one day she finds out her character ‘Jess’ is actually called Megan and has gone missing. Rachel saw Megan the morning of the night she disappears and soon makes it her responsibility to solve her disappearance and soon discovered murder.

There is Megan who is troubled now and you find out has been troubled since a terrible incident when she was younger. She is married to Scott but has a few men on the side.

And then there’s Anna who is now Toms wife but before was Toms lover. Anna and Tom live in the same house as Tom and Rachel did when they were married, which just so happens to be a few doors down than Scott and Megan. When Megan goes missing Anna wants out of the area but little does she know that’s shes more involved than she thinks.

This book was enjoyable from chapter one as even though I like fluffy contemporary’s I do enjoy a good murder mystery every now and then as it’s gets the reader involved in guessing things.

All the characters are easily loved/hated and all have their problems which reflect how real this book seems! A high recommendation to all of you!

Have you read this book? What are your thoughts? πŸ’—

Chloe x