I thought I would do a duo book review on both of Jandy Nelsons books that I recently read!


I give both books 4 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Both books are well written contemporary’s that although follow love, they also follow loss and show how loss brings about love and how love and loss are felt at the same time.

I think I preferred The sky is everywhere just a bit more than I’ll give you the sun as I felt like I enjoyed the main character, Lennie, POV more than Jude and Noah from the latter book. The reason I felt this was because I felt Lennie matured as the book went on due to losing her sister and therefore following how she copes and eventually how she learns to love and makes mistakes aswell. Whereas twins Jude and Noah, despite POVs from 14 to 16 years old, seem to both act younger and even if they change attitudes towards things in life, they just swap personalities and it feels as though your not losing that child like behaviour.

I enjoyed the aspect of Lennie spreading Poems and Jude and Noah being artists as it shows how art can show emotion and has helped the characters deal with loss of their sister, in lennies case, and the loss of their mother in Jude and Noah’s case!

However the ending for I’ll give you the Sun felt like more of an ending as all the secrets, lies and family disputes felt between Noah and Jude all come out at the end instead of being suppress like they were throughout the POVs after their mothers death. However in Thw Sky is Everywhere the ending for Lennie was alittle like she finds closure with her sisters death and gets the guy etc which is an ending which leaves me content but almost worse as it left me wanting more!

Despite enjoying these books it makes me wonder if Jandy can write other types of books due to the major similarities between them, but either way I enjoyed both of these contemporary’s that I read when I was away. The illustrations within the book add an edgier aspect to the book but makes them seem less YA.

The side characters are often more intriguing than the main ones which makes the book generically good. Both storylines are easy to follow and also have a place to go and Jandy makes use of this and wrote well lived stories that most reader will enjoy for years to come!

hope you enjoyed this review! Have you read these books? What are your thoughts?

Chloe x