I have never been the type to reread a book. I always viewed it as pointless, i knew the ending, what would be the point.

However this means the book stands on my shelf, I look at it and remember I like the book but over time, you forget why.

I forgot how beautifully crafted a book is. The combinations of words, strung together to form a sentence, a paragraph, a chapter, a novel.

Recently ive taken a break from reading. It was unintential, schoolwork got too hectic and I ended up reading just for school, for my English literature course or any textbook I needed to revise from. How thrilling.

But I want to change that, if I want to Persue any kind of english literature I want to read as many books as I can, I want to engross myself and get my hobby back. Summer felt like the perfect opportunity for me.

I decided that for me, I needed to reread a light series that I know I enjoyed but that would also remind me of my love of contempories that alway leave me in awe. It had been a long time since I read a contemporary but rereading ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS SERIES just seemed fitting.

Alongside reading, I’d love to get into blogging, expect a blog post from me with all three of the Anna book reviews.

Thank you for sticking by me,

Chloe x