IMG_7171.JPGAs I said in my last blog post, I decided to reread the Anna and the French kiss series by Stephanie Perkins in order to relive the stories but also to get back into reading; it had been a while.

Delving back into the series I knew I would love the books, as I did the first time, but I knew that with my bad memory I probably forgot the reasons why I loved it and highly recommend it all these years later!


To start of, I was puppy sitting and reading would be a perfect way to keep myself occupied yet fully aware of my surroundings, its too easy to get lost when you’re on YouTube with your headphones in, believe me, this is why I stopped reading for a while, bad I know.

On the first day I managed to read around 2/3rds of the book in a mere 3 hours, I always thought I’m quite slow are reading and finishing books. I then decided to finish it later in the day and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I have always enjoyed contemporary’s, they seem light and easy to follow, and following Anna through a romantic crush just seems something I would personally find appealing in a book. I loved all of the characters and how they were portrayed by the author. I also loved how the book was set in Paris, I have visited here when I was younger but the main aspect of the series is studying abroad. I think that is just an incredible experience and hopefully one day I will too.

The fact that things aren’t simple for Anna and St Clair make the novel that bit more real and relatable I guess, people face challenges and that’s okay.

This has become my favourite of the three since rereading them. Perhaps this is because I read it in one sitting?


Okay, to be honest with you, when I first read this book, I disliked it, something about how it wasn’t similar setting, the way it flowed and the whole new range of characters in it made me feel as though it wasn’t needed or that the series could have been a duology. oh how I was wrong.

As with Anna, I read this when puppy sitting and too completed it in a day, literally went from reading nothing but English literature course required books to reading two contemporaries consecutively. I was on a role.

I fell in love with how unique the characters were and even the soppy love story. sue me. something that put me off the first time round actually made me like it more this time. it felt like I went into this with the least knowledge of the storyline, going in blind, as they say. Which actually benefited me.


This was my favourite of the three but part of me feels as though it didn’t live up to the high expectations I gave myself. Perhaps its because it took me over a week to start it and in a few settings, it didn’t flow and the perfect ending turned into a rushed and poorly structured break between the characters Isla and Josh. If I had read this in one sitting like the others then it would’ve been a fair review… I guess ill have to keep coming back to this series every so often. Each time the characters become more real and that’s what I admire from Stephanie’s writing.

Hope you enjoyed this longer post, I actually set down at my laptop *gasp*. I want to take up this blog seriously again, if you’ll have me,

Chloe x