This book series was released in 2014 and I was eager to read this books but I never got round to buying them and when I did I just always picked up something else, but I’m glad I waited as now the third book is out. Now that I’ve finished these two I can finish off the series.

I read the first book on my holiday and I think only took me just over a day and I thought it had a cute romance plot to the novel yet it also focuses about how close a family is especially the bond Lara Jean has with her sisters.

The trilogy follows Lara Jean a 16 year old girl who writes letters to her crushes but she kept them to her self over the years. A petty fight with her youngest sister means they are sent out, 5 in total.

In book one we meet a couple of the boys, in particular Peter. As in the Peter that is dating the school bitch Geniveve and he himself, the most handsome and well known guy that goes to her school. Whilst they used to be friends, Lara Jean was far different. Quiet and Lonely, Peter teases her about the letter. Yet things are rocky between him and Geniveve so they agree to get into a fake relationship in order to make her jealous. Little do they know the affects of their actions escpecially upon a ski trip with the school…

Book 2 follows the relationship between Peter and LaraJean yet they suffer breaks along the way due to scheming Geniveve and her raunchy tape of the pair on the ski trip. Lara Jean receives a letter from one of her previous crushes and they end up becoming pen pals. The treehouse that they all once loved is due to be struck down so Lara Jean brings everyone together to open up their keep sake timecapsuel. Seeing John Β brings back her feelings and memories heightened but a night spent together in a nursing home during a storm. But she must decide which past she would leave behind. After all she fell for them both in 8th grade. But now Peter is a reality and John lives further away…

These books are light hearted and easy to read, I enjoyed readin the effect crushes had upon Lara when she was younger and then how she progressed as a person from a real relationship. Whilst she struggles with her sister living so far away she also grows to look after her youngest sister. All three song girls look after their father and try to find him love. After all, their mom died a good few years ago and whilst they remember her they want him to be happy again.

Love is expressed as a learning curve and I hope the third book brings a satisfying end to the plot

Have you read these books, if so what did you think?

Chloe x